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Zazen Meditation

5 Minute


10 Minute Meditation

20 Minute 


30 Minute Meditation

Welcome to a quiet place of retreat  

Welcome to the quietest room in Zen Yoga Center, where at any given moment you will be sharing silent meditation with others from the community. Pause now, take a deep breath, sit tall with comfort and ease.....


  • Select the time you wish to sit by clicking the button above.

  • Three bells will ring when you have reached your chosen time.

If you are unfamiliar with meditation or have only tried it a few times, the practice can be intimidating. You might sit there and instead of being completely immersed in peace, wind up overwhelmed with thoughts like: I can’t do this. I’m not doing this right. My leg is falling asleep! I can’t stop my thoughts. Forget it!!!   I have more important things to do! How can sitting here doing nothing be beneficial?  This is boring!! I'm falling asleep. Sound familiar?

Good news, all of the above is normal and not a problem.  Meditation is not about stopping the mind, but rather allowing the natural tendency of the mind to move. In this, eventual  recognition of the underlying peace in life emerges. Meditation is not a belief system. It is a disciplined practice that can heal the nervous system and unlock greater, more fulfilling potential in the brain. Practicing meditation can reduce stress, increase efficiency in action, and promote better sleep. Meditation is truly a discipline, but a very natural practice that can re-establish greater well-being and joy found in the present moment.

At Zen Yoga Center, it is our hope to help you develop a meditation practice that resonates with you by introducing to you different styles and practices.  Focusing on  Zazen, Mindfulness of the Breath,  Vipaśana and Loving-Kindness (Metta) Meditation and Inquiry Meditation.

The Practice of Dana (Generosity, Donations or Charitable Giving)

Dāna is any form of giving.   Dāna दान is a Sanskrit and Pali  word that connotes the virtue of generosity in Indian philosophies.  Generosity is at the heart and core of many spiritual practices in both Western and Eastern practices.   In the Buddhist practice, dana is considered to be the first of the six perfections of ethical practice. It is the heart-opening gateway to the five other practices (morality, patience, energy, meditation, and wisdom), one that diminishes the natural impulse of greed, deepening liberation from the clinging that causes mental suffering.  


Although donations are greatly appreciated,  please do not give if you are not in the financial position to do so.  Know that you are always welcome to practice with the group.  

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