Meditation  Classes

Do you wish to experience less stress,  develop greater awareness or better quality sleep? 

Zen Yoga Center invites you to join our meditation classes where you will learn the basics of meditation.  Through instruction and mindful conversation, you will gain experience of greater peace while being guided by our instructors.  Students should arrive respectfully five minutes before starting time, wearing comfortable clothing.

If you are unfamiliar with meditation or have only tried it a few times, the practice can be intimidating. You might sit there and instead of being completely immersed in peace, wind up overwhelmed with thoughts like: I can’t do this. I’m not doing this right. This “om” what's this all about?  My leg is falling asleep! I can’t stop my thoughts. Forget it!!!   I have more important things to do! How can sitting here doing nothing be beneficial?  This is boring!! I'm falling asleep. Sound familiar?

Good news, all of the above is normal and not a problem.  Meditation is not about stopping the mind, but rather allowing the natural tendency of the mind to move. In this, eventual  recognition of the underlying peace in life emerges. Meditation is not a belief system. It is a disciplined practice that can heal the nervous system and unlock greater, more fulfilling potential in the brain. Practicing meditation can reduce stress, increase efficiency in action, and promote better sleep. Meditation is truly a discipline, but a very natural practice that can re-establish greater well-being and joy found in the present moment.

At Zen Yoga Center, it is our hope to help you develop a meditation practice that resonates with you by introducing to you different styles and practices.  The basis for our classes will rotate from Zen, Vipassana and Metta Meditation;  our instructors come from varied backgrounds so each session will offer perhaps something new. It is not our intention to change your current practices or beliefs, but rather to strengthen and add to them with quality time sitting in meditation together.

At these classes, you can expect:

  • About 5-10 minutes of instruction and about 20-30 minutes of close-eyed or open-eyed meditation with a focus on the breath

  • Time in each class for Q&A