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We Are 

Offering Live Streaming

Yoga & Meditation Classes 

Live Streaming Broadcast

As we all practice social distancing, it is important to continue our yoga practice to keep our immune systems strong,  keeping  both our minds and body healthy and remaining connected to our yoga community.  ZYC has added live streaming yoga classes broadcasting to our website, so that you can enjoy our regular classes at home as we navigate through this challenging  time together. 

Here are "Live Streaming Broadcast" instructions:

1. We are using Zoom to live broadcast, it is free for you and works wonderfully. You will need to join and download Zoom on to your computer, if you don’t already have it.

​2. Go to our ZYC website and LOG IN to your account. You MUST log in to use this feature. If you  do not have an account, please create one and purchase a class pass or pack.  Enjoy all of our regular LIVE Streaming classes with your class passes.   If  you need help logging  please email us.

​2. Sign up & Pay.  (​​YES, you can use your class pack  and drop-ins).  If you have class credits in your account you will not be prompted to pay.  We will only check you in only if you're attending the live broadcast.  

​3. Go back to the schedule and you will see the “View Broadcast” link. That’s the link you need to click that will take you to the live class.  Please join the class five minutes early, so that we can start classes on time.  You have to option to be seen or not, by turning on /off video control, familiarize yourself a bit with the Zoom controls.

4.  For visual learners, I have created a short video for you to watch how to log in to view the "Live Steaming" broadcast of your regular classes.

Important reasons you should consider keeping up with your regular classes by Live Streaming. 


1.  Yoga, movement, breath is essential for health and wellness.  Take  this extra time spent at home to connect deeply with your practice, rediscovering yourself, exploring postures, or perhaps creating a sacred space for meditation and yoga.


2.  Step away from scrolling news headlines.  Give it a break and improve your mental well-being. Knowing that this time will pass, take joy in your yoga practice and your meditation practice.  Also,  take advantage of social distancing by connecting more with your family and close friends.  Spend some extra time sending out the healing vibes by practicing the Loving-Kindness Meditation. 


3.  Your yoga teachers and ZYC need your continued support. Most yoga teachers do not have sick days, many do not have health insurance or paid time off.  As small business, Zen Yoga Center is thankful  for your continued support.

4.  As a community we all need to stay strong in mind, body and spirit. We do not live well in isolation, it is important for us all to stay connected with our communities. 

Again, we appreciate all of your patience and support as we navigate during this very challenging time and we are all looking forward to seeing you soon!

Wishing you all wellness, happiness and peace,

Christine & ZYC Team

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