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What is Yoga?

At Zen Yoga Center, we believe yoga can help you explore your full potential. Our classes are designed to accommodate a variety of practices, all focused on a balance between effort and ease, to increase strength, flexibility and vitality, while inspiring peace, clarity and tranquility through mindfulness practices.

Despite its exploding popularity and prevalence in popular culture, yoga is still often misunderstood. This is partially because there are so many myths about yoga, such as:

  • I have to be flexible to practice yoga.

  • I have to be super fit, young or skinny to practice yoga.

  • Yoga is just for women in tight black pants.

  • Yoga is a religion, and it goes against my personal faith.

None of these statements are true!!

Yoga is for everyone. You do not have to be flexible or fit or have a certain body type. You do not have to wear tight clothing. You do not have to chant. It is a practice, not a religion, and it’s completely come-as-you-are.  It has many forms, from meditation to gentle flowing movements to intense athletic workouts. It can be challenging, but it’s never competitive. The best part? Yoga can be tailored to each individual’s abilities, which means all ages, genders and body types can benefit.

Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning to yoke or bind, yoga is a physical and mental discipline that unites the body and the breath to build strength, flexibility and balance, and create wellness, awareness, and stillness within. It’s been around for some 2,500 years, and modern science continues to prove its vast health benefits, including stress reduction, improved immune function, the easing of symptoms in patients with chronic illness and pain, and more.

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