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Sign in to register for the both in person and live stream  for events and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education interactive workshops in advance, class sizes may be limited so that instructors can provide individual attention to students. See our Live Streaming page for help.


Teens Creative Self Discovery Yoga Workshop 5 Week Series - In person

Teens Creative Self Discovery Yoga Workshop 5 Week Series - In person

Join Connie Connelly,  RYT-200, MEd, LCMHC

Date/Time:  Mondays at 3 -4PM

April 22nd, 29th, May 6th, May 20th, and May 28th

Cost $100 or $20 Drop in rate

Calling all Teens! Whether you want to increase your friendship circle, find ways to feel a little less stressed, take a break from all the studying or just move your body, this is for you. We will flow together and talk about how to lead with our best selves with increased confidence.  We will focus on qualities, like persistence, patience, presence and much more.

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Spring Renewal Gentle Yoga & Crystal Sound Bath - In person

Spring Renewal Gentle Yoga & Crystal Sound Bath - In person 

Join Terri Battaglia ,  RYT-200

Date/Time:  Saturday, April 20th at 2 PM - 3:15 PM

Cost $25 

Dive into the rejuvenating embrace of spring with our Gentle Yoga Flow followed by a 15-minute Sound Bath Meditation. Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of crystal sound bowls, renowned for their ability to melt away stress and anxiety, induce deep relaxation, and enhance mental clarity. Whether you choose to recline or sit in meditation, allow the soothing sounds to wash over you, awakening a sense of renewal and vitality. All levels are warmly invited to join this nourishing experience of sound and serenity.

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Free Yoga Event: Tarot and Midnight Garden Gallery Show at Cary Arts Center

Free Yoga Event: Tarot and Midnight Garden Gallery Show

Cary Arts Center Gallery | 101 Dry Avenue

Join Christine Donovan, ERYT-500, YACEP

Dates:  Sunday April 21st 

Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM

Registration Required to Attend this Free Event

Immerse yourself in an enchanting fusion of art and wellness at Cary Arts Center.  Join us for a free yoga class as we celebrate local artists Trish Klenow and Slater Mapp and their duo gallery showing, "Tarot and Midnight Garden." Immerse yourself in the vision of "Tarot Garden," a mystical blend of Trish Klenow's "Midnight Garden" paintings and Slater Mapp's captivating "Tarot" photography series. Experience the enchantment of local flora and fauna amidst the mysteries of the American South, while exploring personal systems of belief and spirituality through various mediums. This gallery invites you on a journey of self-reflection and wonder, evoking both the exploration of Renaissance gardens and the solace of a Cloister garden. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with art and nature in a truly unique and transformative space.

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Mindful Ink: Writing Meditation Workshop - In Person

Mindful Ink:  Writing Meditation Workshop In Person

Join Terri Battaglia, RYT-200

Dates:  Sunday April 28th 

Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM

Cost $20

Join us for "Mindful Ink," a transformative workshop that combines mindfulness, movement, and creative expression. Writing Meditation is a powerful mindfulness practice that invites you to cultivate non-judgmental awareness of your thoughts and feelings in the present moment. We'll begin with gentle stretching and movement to ground ourselves, followed by a 5-7 minute meditation focused on breath and awareness. Then, immerse yourself in a 10-minute writing meditation accompanied by music, allowing your thoughts to flow freely onto the page. This interactive and safe space encourages everyone to reflect and share at their own pace, fostering connection and self-discovery through the written word.  Please bring your favorite journal and writing instrument.  Hot tea will be available.

Joy & Bliss Yin Yoga & Somatic Movement.jpg

Joy of Yin Yoga & Somatic Movements - In person

Joy of Yin Yoga  & Somatic Experience 6 Week Series

In-Person or Online

Join Christine Donovan ERYT-500, YACEP 

Date:  Friday's  May 3rd ,10th, 17th, 24th , 31st and June 7th

Time:  12:30  PM  to  2:00 PM

Cost: $108  or $20 Drop In Rate

Join us for a transformative journey in our Yin Yoga & Somatic workshop series, held on Friday's from 12:30 to 2 pm. Over six weeks, we'll delve into the essence of joy and bliss within our practice, nurturing the natural state of ananda, or the bliss body. Through a blend of Yin Yoga and Somatic practices, we'll explore the art of letting go and embracing harmony within. Guided by the lens of chakra balancing, we'll harmonize our energy centers, paving the way for greater alignment and inner peace. Don't miss this opportunity to bloom into your fullest potential and discover the profound joy of embodied practice.  Space is limited, please register in advance to save your spot.

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Chakras, Neuroscience & Consciousness - In person & Live Stream

Chakras, Neuroscience & Consciousness Workshop 2 Sessions - In Person & Live Stream (6 HRS toward YACEP)

Join Michael Johnson, ERYT-500, YACEP 

Date & Time:  

Fri.  May 17th, 6 -9PM

Sat. May 18th,  Noon -3PM

Cost: $138  or $75 Drop In Rate


Want to learn more about the intersection of chakras, neuroscience & consciousness? 

Join Michael for an experiential journey through the subjective descriptions of the subtle energy centers and the more objective anatomy of the brain and nervous system associated with them. 


The workshop will cover:


~Chakra Anatomy, why the seven chakra model became dominant in the West, the associated elements, the eight limbs of Yoga, and an overview of the many theories of consciousness.


~Transformational Practices: Through a combination of asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath control), and dhyāna (meditation) techniques, attendees will explore Yoga classes  specifically designed to address each chakra. 


~Sequencing with Chakras: Participants will gain insights into how to create sequences that target specific chakras. 

This workshop is suitable for all practitioners seeking to deepen their understanding and as continuing education for yoga teachers. Class size is limited register early.  48 hour cancellation is required for a refund.

MJ Kirtan.jpg

Kirtan Event - In Person

Kirtan Event - In Person

Join Michael Johnson, ERYT-500, YACEP 

Date & Time:  

Sat. May 18th,  3:30PM - 5PM

Recommended Donation: $20

Join us for an enchanting evening of Kirtan and community with Michael Johnson. Open your heart to the transformative power of Bhakti devotion as we come together to celebrate the divine energy within. Through music and devotion, we'll create a space of connection and unity, fostering a sense of sangha (community) among us. Your generous donations will support The Smile Together India Foundation, empowering the people of Bihar. Let's unite in love and compassion as we uplift each other and contribute to positive change in the world.


The Art of Balance Three Week Series - In person

The Art of Balance - In Person 

Join Courtney Carssow,  RYT-200

Date:  Sunday's  June 2nd, 9th, and 16th

Time:  2  PM  to  4 PM

Cost: $90 or $32 Drop-in 

Join us for an exhilarating journey into the art of arm balancing and inversions, two dynamic elements that can truly elevate your yoga practice. These poses cultivate core strength, flexibility, and heightened awareness, allowing you to begin to overcome self-doubt and fears within the safety of a nurturing and supportive environment. As you navigate through these challenging poses, you'll experience breakthroughs that foster self-confidence and deeper self-awareness. Through proper alignment, breath work, and an understanding of bandhas, you'll develop a sustainable practice with integrity while reducing the risk of injury. This workshop includes a warming vinyasa flow, exploration of popular balances and their variations/modifications, and wrist therapy techniques to promote strength and flexibility. This is an all levels class: no previous experience with arm balance or inversion postures is necessary; however, some experience with vinyasa flow yoga is recommended. Come join us for this fun and encouraging series and discover the joy of flying on your mat. Class size is limited. A 48-hour cancellation is required for refund.  

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