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We have designed a multitude of class passes to fit your needs.  Purchase a class pass or membership online. 

New Students


Here are a few tips…

Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to class.  Give yourself enough time to fill out new student paperwork, meet  the instructor and to set up your mat for the practice.   If you arrive late please enter the room quietly.  Please turn off cell phones.

Register for classes online and pay for a class pass  ahead of time.  This will make the check-in process happen more quickly and efficiently.   You will not be charged for a regular class if you cannot attend the class, your class pass will remain in your account.  


If you are coming in with a Groupon or Living Social voucher, or Gift certificate please register for the class  online and bring your voucher or gift certificate to class.  No need to call the studio in advance.  Note we only allow one Groupon or Living Social Voucher to be used per student.

Attend the appropriate class for your fitness level.  If you are new to yoga we recommend taking the Yoga Fundamentals Class, Gentle Yoga Classes and the Restorative & Yin Classes.  Yoga is for everyone and every body and we want you to enjoy your experience at Zen Yoga Center.

Listen to your body- #1 Rule is no pain.  You should not feel any sharp, shooting, or pinching pains while practicing yoga. If you do, come out of the pose gently and let the instructor know so they can help you modify the posture.

Heart condition? Injured? Be sure to let your instructor know if you have a heart condition or any other serious ailment before class starts.

Wear clothing that does not restrict movement.  Choose comfortable loose or fitted stretchy exercise clothing.

Practice on an empty stomach. Allow at least 2 hours after a large meal before practicing.

Yoga is practiced in bare feet.

Bring your own mat or use a complimentary studio mat.  We provide yoga mats and props at the studio, but we do recommend bringing your own yoga mat if you practice regularly.  Your yoga mat becomes a part of your practice that you will treasure - it is your own magical carpet.

Come clean to your practice.  Avoid wearing perfume, cologne, or essential oils to class. Be mindful of odors such as smoke or body odor, as these can be impact the experience of other students.

Deregister for class if you know you cannot make it.  It is a simple click of the deregister button on Your Schedule and Sign up page.

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