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My first electronic album (mostly) exploring the mystery of consciousness. This album includes the following mantra:

  • गोविन्द गोविन्द गोपाल मुरलिमनोहरानन्द लाला
    govinda govinda gopāla murali manoharānanda lālā
    "Cowboy of all cowboys, guide the herd with the bliss carrying music of your flute!"

This album is set to 54 bpm (6 breaths per minute) to assist with ujjāyī breathing.

Hilbert Space 4:09 

Environmental Filtration 4:09 

Singularity 2:22

Consciousness 2:23

'I' 3:16

16-50 bits 3:33

Heterophenomenology 3:33 

Claustrum 1:36 

Reasons and Persons 1:38 

Qualia 6:38 

Billions and Billions 3:33 

Entanglement 7:26 

Compassion 7:26 

Lālā 9:56

Wish you were here 6:23

Ösel Consciousness (1hr 8min)

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